shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Suzanne Herschell lives in Eastbourne, New Zealand. A former teacher of accelerate students and mother of four, Suzanne is a poet, an award winning NZ artist, curator at the NZ Academy of Fine Arts, and a selector, curator and judge of national exhibitions. Her poems have been published in Meniscus (Australia), NZ Poetry Society - A Fine Line, Blackmail Press, Shot Glass Journal, Fib Review (USA), The Ghazal Page, various Anthologies and National Poetry Day selections in NZ & US, and chosen for Volume 12 of Katherine Mansfield Studies published by Edinburgh University Press.

Suzanne Herschell

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A Pandemic of Thought

I delete
the political scene
the unmasked thought
the rub
the fear
scour the germ-touched hands
that have held the prospect
like worry beads moving shape finger to finger
wearing away patina
of past
layered prints
as present
words lie in pieces
of sentence