shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Suzanne Herschell lives in Eastbourne, New Zealand. A former teacher of accelerate students and mother of four, Suzanne is a poet, an award winning NZ artist, curator at the NZ Academy of Fine Arts, and a selector, curator and judge of national exhibitions. Her poems have been published in Meniscus (Australia), NZ Poetry Society - A Fine Line, Blackmail Press, Shot Glass Journal, Fib Review (USA), The Ghazal Page, various Anthologies and National Poetry Day selections in NZ & US, and chosen for Volume 12 of Katherine Mansfield Studies published by Edinburgh University Press.

Suzanne Herschell

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In Her Father's Foreign Footsteps

he wanted photos to show her his childhood
hereparallel journeys years apart
his face among those images of enduring youth
Kodak shots of lithe bodies living uncomplicated lives
no euphemism
or social media contrivance
no photoshopped trickery & lies
just salvaged memories dressed in recycled gear
dressed in smudged wonder
no labels exclaiming anything much
grainy reproductions of a time only we knew
their difficult fit sent on my smartphone across ether
for him to share
it seems important now
recapturing such real storiesto tell her