shot glass
Issue # 7 May 2012
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Levi Wagenmaker (1944 - ) is a retired journalist, living in the Netherlands for most of the year, and in France for some of it, with two bitches, one of whom a dog, and a younger male, something of a dog also. His poems have been published on line more than in print, and Google will tell the curious what, where, and when.

Levi Wagenmaker

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cogitat ergo

using the smallest finger of my left hand
on your forehead I'll write
what I think of you
and of men in general
said the girl who walks through
walls and mirrors on walls

her hand and finger moved
with speed and with not
entirely unexpected dexterity

standing in front of the mirror
on the wall through which
she stepped away
I scrutinised my forehead
to find written there