shot glass
Issue # 7 May 2012
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


A retired banker who lives in Hyderabad,India.
The interests include poetry writing and photography.
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Adukuri Jagannath Rao

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The doctor said up there is no room
Just now and please wait for your turn.
We guffawed about the eighty year old
Eager to go shopping in the afternoon,
Her wobbly knees just not there below.

The doctor stated she had it coming
With mounting pressure on vessels
And a worn out heart pumping fast.
Her body carried a heart's sure failure
But just a sorbitrol under her tongue
Calmed her body and a furious heart.

A miracle saved her upward journey.
But she still has plenty of shopping left.
We hope upstairs will remain occupied
With not enough space for new entrants.