shot glass
Issue # 5 September 2011
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Jennifer Arin

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In the Beginning, In the End

(Shakespearean sonnet)


Where our kin first began, we shall begin:
humankind once divined the story of Us
through multiple gods - Thoth, El, Odin,
Vishnu, Valkyrie, Fortuna, Horus –
just as we, though with sworn singularity,
hold onto a God, and with firm belief
defend, against others, that Deity,
in fear or in faith some unholy thief
steal the Lord and prophets of our small hour.
The theft still occurs, each era, each place,
as concurrent gods of profit and power
convince us acts of war are acts of Grace;
and so, where we end is where we began:
paying tribute to Chaos - that First Cause of man.