shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Mircea Boboc is a Romanian poet and novelist, graphic artist and ambient music composer. He has published a chapbook of poems entitled "The Semi-Lyrical Jukebox of Eccentric Poems" and a fantasy novel called "Elemental". He is also the author of the Graphic Exhibition "Shadowed by Mountains".

Mircea Boboc

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There's a lady in my dreams alternating her red dresses.
She's the one, and only one... when she wears so many faces.
If I dance, she is my partner. What a beauty! Una donna.
Who she is, I could not tell you. Everybody calls her Ana.

Brick by brick I built my story, but its plot wanted to bury
in its walls and in my heart the sweet smile of this young fairy.
I was building without knowing a fantastic monastery
and she feeds me, from Beyond purple plums, nuts and some berry.

She's an angel from the Lord when I'm lost and a misfit –
only that she doesn't know it. Oh, Berunda, we were split!
She's a princess and a lover who has raised me from the pit,
Mother Mary puppeteering the red dress that she has knit.