shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Mary-Jane Grandinetti
Editor, Shot Glass Journal & The Fib Review

Mary-Jane Grandinetti has had poetry published in various journals and international poetry anthologies. Her collection of Fibonacci poems, Chocolate Sauce was published by Muse-Pie Press in 2008. Grandinetti is a poet who has a special interest in short forms of poetry and their influence on the poetic voice. She runs online workshops on the various forms of short poetry. She is the editor of two online journals - The Fib Review, a journal of Fibonacci poems, and Shot Glass Journal, a journal for short poetry, both published by Muse-Pie Press.

Donna Gagnon - Editor for Issue #14

Donna Gagnon was guest editor for Issue #14. Donna lives in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada and is a published writer of poetry, short fiction and plays. She was a Muse-Pie Press Featured Poet International in 2011.

Lonnard Dean Watkins - Editor for Issue #20

Lonnard Dean Watkins was guest editor for Issue #20. He lives in Wellington, New Zealand and has been published in numerous international journals and anthologies. Lonnard was President of the New Zealand Poetry Society from 2014 to 2016, and headed the organising committee for the 2015 New Zealand Poetry Conference held at the National Library of New Zealand. A finalist at the 2012 New Zealand Poetry Slam, Lonnard is also the editor of Bent Ear Review, Muse-Pie's journal for Spoken Word Poetry.

R.G. Rader - Editor for Issue #29

R.G. Rader is an award-winning poet & playwright, an actor, director and professor of theater and literature. His poetry has been widely published both in the States and abroad. He is founder and publisher of Muse-Pie Press.

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