shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Ian Mullins ships out from Liverpool, England. Laughter In The Shape Of A Guitar (UB) struck few chords in 2015. Almost Human (Original Plus) was let loose in 2017. Masks and Shadows (Wordcatcher) took off in 2019. Take A Deep Breath (Dempsey & Windle) followed in 2020

Ian Mullins

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Not what she was wearing,
but the way she was wearing it,
high in the dunes with fists
on her hips, arguing her point

with a man flipping pink sausage
on a silver foil tray, the char of meat
blending with sweat
and suntan oil while she stood

five foot upright not caring
who saw her cellulite, the whiteness
of her thighs or the tyre-tracks
scorch-marked on her shoulders

as though this was not the first time
she had fought; and surely
not the first time she would win.