shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Anthony Wade, the only child of an Irish migrant mother into England, is an England-trained graduate lawyer with a Masters Degree who then worked mainly in The Netherlands before developing a life-threatening medical disability. On relocating to his roots in Ireland he discovered a poetic voice, appearing in journals in Ireland, Britain, India and the US, in print and online. A Forward Prize nominee, and an active member of the local Writers' Group he lives by the sea in East Cork, Ireland, only ten miles from where he spent childhood summers. Twitter@anthonywadepoet.

Anthony Wade

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Raising The Dead

The moon's white light conjoins long
with the deep dark night, birthing
uncountable amorphous shades
impalpably peopling a place
of suspicion, uncertainty,
no horizon, hope gone,
life's colour leached.

Until, barely perceptibly,
a tinge of yellow light
seeps below the sky,
and colour slowly,
steadily bleeds back,
bringing up the dead to life,
freed to face the living of the day.