shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Mallika Bhaumik's works have been featured in mags like Oddball, Cafe Dissensus, Spark mag, Wagon mag, Stag Hill journal, Ethos journal, Pangolin review and other mags and anthologies. Her debut poetry book, Echoes has received the Reuel International Prize for debut poetry -2018 and is currently available in Amazon.

Mallika Bhaumik

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A screeching halt,
a stretch of a busy highway,
limbs tossed in the air,
the white SUV swerves
and speeds off.
Faith floating in eyes
dry fruits and pashmina,
folded hands, bejewelled fingers.
Any astral stone, any 'tabeez'
to tame the uncertainties of life?
A room half lit, spartan,
an ascetic's dreamy gaze
looks on, looks within, looks beyond,
a potion comes,
~ a cure for 'blindness'.