shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Mallika Bhaumik's works have been featured in mags like Oddball, Cafe Dissensus, Spark mag, Wagon mag, Stag Hill journal, Ethos journal, Pangolin review and other mags and anthologies. Her debut poetry book, Echoes has received the Reuel International Prize for debut poetry -2018 and is currently available in Amazon.

Mallika Bhaumik

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Some words are like cinders of the cold hearth,
clouds of our burnt feelings; grieving grey
sweating out claustrophobia.
I drift away; shedding my old skin,
my growing indifference, and the worn out feel,
like brittle yellow pages of the address book we no longer need.
Yet we let our fatigued bodies believe we have each other,
slowly I blend into the blue of the night where you cannot reach.
The silence; dark and wary, quietly covers us
Our promises are like cut out kites,
by the verandah our potted greens die.
I weep for them,
my teardrops ink an apology.