shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Jared Pearce

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Our Father, I'm told to use thee and thine and thy when
I pray, because the Lord's Prayer, as set down
In the King's Bible does so, and to show reverence,
You being the Ruler of Everywhere. But in James's

Day, I understand, You was formal and Thee familiar—
And some languages use the du or the tu, and the revised
Bible uses You. Perhaps at your age a little pronoun
Is irrelevant, but I want to obey Your protocol.

I understand the larger shake-up when Jesus
Calls you, Dad, pulling Thee straight to the planet,
Thy coming in from a long day at the office,
Slipping into a robe and slippers behind newsprint,
Smoking-up thine halo, and about to get up
And whip us kids in a game of Risk.