shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Editor's Note

Welcome to Shot Glass Journal, Issue #24. This issue features some of our favorite returning poets and poets who are new to Shot Glass Journal. Their bio stories range from established, well-published poets to poets leading regular lives with poetry at the heart of all they do. Listen to the voices in the poems that emerge from the poets' native or adopted countries of Australia, Bahamas, Bulgaria, Canada, China, France, Ireland, Kenya, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, the UK and the US.

Each issue I recommend the reader to visit our Writers Archive section to access poets published in previous issues of Shot Glass Journal. Today I looked at the list on the Writer's Archive page only to realize the number of talented poets that have affected our readers over the past eight years. This influence is in spite of our intentionally limited number of poets per publication. Feel free to take the time and click on any poet's Issue number to read their poetry from previous issues of Shot Glass and find why that impact has been so resilient.

To see past full issues of Shot Glass, please visit the Archive section and check out the Glossary for some of the poetry forms published in our issues.

We hope you enjoy Issue #24 as much as we enjoyed creating it.

– Mary-Jane Grandinetti

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