shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Alan Britt

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Suffragettes At Walmart

Ophelia on all fours, Juliette the suffragette before Mary
Wollstonecraft wore emancipation like a wasp buzzing her
pollen of indignation.
Khans mastered horses in the manner of Chiricahua
sipping moonlight from vessels resembling harsh penumbras.
Now infants swing to & fro, fro & to in petroleum seats
secured by vinyl-covered chains fastened to the whims of culture
& religion.
Half moon, half sun prowling oceans & rivers of blood
that feed the streams that flood the fields nourished by moon
& sun.
Infants swinging to & fro, fro & to in petroleum baskets
anchored by chains securely fastened like the marionettes of culture
& religion.