shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


She was born in Ìzmir, 1983; graduated from Ege University, English Language and Literature. She has had II. Yunus Emre (mention, 2006), Homeros Attila Ìlhan (mention, 2007), Ali Rıza Ertan (2009) poetry awards in Turkey.

Her first book Dibine üşüyor Karanlık da was published in 2009 and her second book Evimi Dağlara Kurdum is a collection of translation from world poetry. Her latest book Yeniden Çizdim Göğü was published in 2011. She translated the poems of Persian poet Behruz Kia in the name of Lalelere Requiem.

Her poems were translated into English, French, Serbian, Arabic, Hebrew and Italian. She participated in the poetry festivals in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Israel, Serbia and United States.

She is the editor of the literature magazine Şiirden (of Poetry). She studies M.A.Turkish literature in Bilkent University, Ankara. She is also a member of PEN and Writers Syndicate of Turkey.

Müesser Yenìay

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Geography of Darkness

Do not close your eyes
you can lose yourself
like an ink
scattering over darkness

everywhere is the place where you are

here is our face that crashes light and falls
coming together
like a vase whose pieces unite

no spots on light

darkness that stands like a lover
embracing and including you

everywhere is the place where you are

here is the same cloth that everyone wears