shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


A German-born UK national, Rose Mary Boehm now lives and works in Lima, Peru. Two novels and a poetry collection (TANGENTS) have been published in the UK. Her latest poems have appeared - or are forthcoming - in US poetry reviews. Among others: Toe Good Poetry, Poetry Breakfast, Morgen Bailey, Burning Word, Muddy River Review, Pale Horse Review, Pirene's Fountain, Other Rooms, Requiem Magazine, Full of Crow, Poetry Quarterly, Punchnel's, Avatar, Verse Wisconsin, Naugatuck River Review, Boston Literary, Ann Arbor...

Rose Mary Boehm

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I wish I could
just wish.
I wish I remembered
how it was when I was small.

Make me good.
How much better could I be?

Even though I did hide
Mum's best shoes
behind the chicken hutch.

Forgive me my trespasses.

And I did want white knee socks
instead of our daily bread.
Or peace, or stuff like that.