shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Editor's Note

When we started Shot Glass Journal three years ago we thought we'd have a small journal with a handful of poets that would submit a few poems on occasion. I never expected the growing number of submissions we receive each issue. It seems that the poetry world has embraced our journal. There are so many good poems among the submissions that the challenge to select only a limited number of poets becomes even more difficult.

Shot Glass Journal #10 represents the talents of international poets from Argentina, Canada, India, Ireland, Kolkatta, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Republic of South Africa, Saipan, Singapore, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, and Zimbabwe, and US poets from eighteen states.

As always, Shot Glass Journal promotes young or emerging poets as well as award-winning poets. Many of the poems in Issue #10 are free verse poetry with several formal poetry forms such as Cinquain, Epigram, Haiku, Ovillejo, Pantun, Prose poem, Tritina, and introducing a new poetry form, Alexandroid.

The question of why a poet submits poetry for publication came up in discussions with several poets this issue. As an editor I publish poems because I recognize the talent of poets who share with us their voice, their views, and their raw emotions. Exposing one's self to the written or spoken word takes courage and belief, which I have found expressed in the works you'll read in all the issues of Shot Glass Journal. What I hope you won't find is the poetry of those who submit "en mass" with the expectation of adding yet another poetry journal to their limitless bios.

For me, Shot Glass Journal is a labor of love; the love of poetry and the joy of sharing the experience with poets and readers. We hope you enjoy Issue #10 as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

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-- Mary-Jane Grandinetti

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