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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Ricky Garni

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Tarzan at Two

On every Saturday afternoon at precisely 2:00, Tarzan finds himself waist deep in quicksand. For this, I do not blame the quicksand. Perhaps I do blame the quicksand but I blame it only once. A week passes by and once again, there is Tarzan, waist deep in quicksand. Now it's Tarzan's fault. Yet we are all creatures of habit; Tarzan is no different. For example: I once told a friend that in order to stop smoking, he must change his routines, and he agreed, and he did. And now when he answers the telephone, instead of lighting a cigarette, he watches Tarzan sinking in quicksand, every Saturday at 2:00, for we are all creatures of habit. Last week however, the phone rang at two and there was only quicksand on t.v. - no Tarzan. What could he do? He could answer the telephone. It was Tarzan on the telephone. He had a terrible secret to tell. The quicksand was crying. Tarzan had changed. The TV was dead. And he had poured himself a delicious glass of sparkling Merlot.