The Fib Review Issue # 7

The Fib Review Issue # 7 offers its readers more of the rich blend of poetry and form that has come to be associated with the journal. The barriers to a measured six lines of poetry that follow a strict number sequence have been toppled due to the fine writing of very talented poets. This issue features poems written by an international community of poets representing Canada, Italy, New Zealand, the UK, and the US.

Poets new to the Fibonacci form such as Alicia Black, Christiana Weisel, Alison Denham and Ginger Jorgental prove their poetic prowess. Structure and form are again challenged by Deryn Pittar, Erik Fuhrer, Mark Arvid White and Wolfiewolfgang who use the positions of words on the page to shape further meaning to their poems. New concepts such as Fibonacci number sequence using line count in Tim Hawkins' poem bring a fresh perspective to the form. The readers will enjoy the rich imagery found in the poems of Nathalie Boisard-Beudin and Rachel Green and be taken on a journey through Dion Farquhar's poem.

We hope you enjoy these and the wonderful poems by the other talented poets found in this journal.

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