Alicia Black

Fibonacci and Tea

and white
High heel shoes
Corsets and feathers
A burlesque birthday party night
The fan dancer act a special gift from her husband
Black ostrich feathers shimmering, cocooning the dancer, brief flashes of her fair flesh
Her clothes slowly peel away, a pile of lace and finery grows on the ground while her fans dance around her body never revealing all.
Amanda visiting from interstate for her sister's party, entranced by the dancer, gasps when fans drop revealing red and black tassels on nipples, holding her spellbound as they twirl first left, then right, then opposing circles.
Burlesque has impressed her, she wants to try it, be beautiful like the delicate dancer, and twirl those tassels in eye popping circles. Next morning alcohol still surging through her veins, she cant resist a twirl in the kitchen, no tassels available, but tea bags and tape will do. Bob, her sister's husband grins at the sight when he staggers out for morning coffee.


Alicia Black has written poetry, flash and micro fiction for most of her 50 years. She has recently discovered the fibonacci form and has been experimenting with it.