Editor's Note

The Fib Review Issue #20 features some amazing Fibonacci poetry crafted by some amazing poets who "color outside the lines" of this restrictive form.

The beauty of a Fibonacci poem is when you first read it or hear it spoken, you lose the sense of its structured limitations. The words flow freely and without the obvious breaks in the line structure that you see on the page. Only good poets can make you forget that, and we have featured them in this and previous issues.

From traditional syllable count and word count to new structures of formatting, this issue continues to reach the reader with profound emotion, humor and a smack of reality.

The Fibonacci poem continues to spread throughout the world with Issue #20 featuring an international blend of poets, several Fib Review favorites and poets new to The Fib Review and Fibonacci poetry.

Huge thanks to Lonnard Dean Watkins, our webmaster who always makes our journal look good.

Be sure to visit the Fib Review's Writer's Archive which links the 150 previously published poets to the archived issues in which they were published.

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Mary-Jane Grandinetti

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