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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Phil Powrie has taught film studies in a university in the South of the UK. He has had poems published in South and Ink, Sweat and Tears.

Phil Powrie

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Should I die tonight
toss the coins far from my face,
summon ravens to peck at my eyes.
I do not want to see the viral soil.
Hammer nails into my ears,
hang them with cowslip wreaths and blood red ribbons,
summon men in masks and pin my feet with maypoles.
I will not listen to the witches and their cackling dark.

Then take me far from churches,
take me far from towns,
take me far from all you know;
lay me down on the fluff of a cumulus cloud,
and blow your slow breath on
my wings, my holly blue wings.