shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Lew Watts

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Valedictory Vasectomy

I guess I didn't have a choice when the coil
fell out, that's after her lips turned blue and blew
up like rubber. But I think I truly knew
when, cleaning loins of spermicidal oil,
she said it was my turn and screamed that one boy
was "enough!".
You'd had it done and "only two
small cuts" was true ... but then you knew, didn't you?—
the pliers' sickening snip and the ache in the groin.

Now barren, bowed and bruised I heard from the nurse
you were waiting outside for your bow-legged kid
brother with a rented funeral hearse—
and grinning like a liar said "painful innit?"
I was in stitches but it no longer hurt
though when I wed my second wife it did.