shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Orla Fay is a member of Boyne Writers' Group. Her work has appeared in The Meath Chronicle, Boyne Berries Magazine, New Poems of Oriel, Crannog Magazine, Revival Poetry Journal, Wordlegs, The Linnet's Wings, Riposte, The Sharp Review, Ropes, National University of Ireland Galway's Writers' Society Writers' Exchange Chapbook and The Stony Thursday Book. She keeps a blog at

Orla Fay



Hanging by three pegs,
it's as good as a rag, ripped to a gaping mouth.
It's a mouth full of winter,
bare trees and grey skies on an ancient face,
its breath is the cool air and rain.
There's a haunting, a possession here.
And the wind by evening grown colder
sings through the mouth
"Did you think I wouldn't miss you?
How could you think that I'd forget?"
The cloth is flapping angrily,
making twisted, contorted shapes,
strangling itself.