shot glass
Issue # 6 January 2012
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Jennifer Saunders is an American living in Switzerland with her Swiss husband and their Swiss-American sons. Her work has appeared in Literary Bohemian, Literary Mama, ouroboros review, Umbrella, and elsewhere.

Jennifer Saunders

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Winter is coming and we still
have not dismantled the trampoline.
Mornings we look down on it
from his empty bedroom window,
resolve to take it apart. Still,
it stands. Let it fill with snow.
Let freeze and thaw rend
the nylon, rust the springs.
Let the weight of the weather tear
the netting down so that in the spring
when we can finally bring ourselves
to dispose of it, we can tell the curious
man at the dump it had simply fallen
into disrepair.