shot glass
Issue # 6 January 2012
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


David was born in the winter of 1959 in Lincolnshire, England, where he still lives with his wife. He has a son at the University of Hull. He has had a life-long love of all things artistic and historical, painting and poetry in particular. Only rarely has he had poems published and his paintings are usually to be seen online these days, rather than hanging in galleries.

In 2011 his first collection of poetry, 'Anonymous Lines', was published. You can see his other work on

David Francis Barker

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The Keeper of Sea Henge

Strong wind steals your breath,
white wash tides blank out all thought
Somewhere on this stretch of sand
my bones are washed clean,
worn and round like pebbles
which mingle unseen in shingle banks
not a stone's throw from your feet

Look behind, your footprints are gone, this
the place where you found my oak upturned
whose roots I left reaching to the sky
You took it - though I'm still around,
my voice lost in the white noise of waves,
disguised in the doleful cry of seabirds
with whom I patrol this wild northern shore

* Sea Henge was discovered in 1998, Norfolk, England