shot glass
Issue # 5 September 2011
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


David was born in the winter of 1959 in Lincolnshire, England, where he still lives with his wife. He has a son at the University of Hull. He has had a life-long love of all things artistic and historical, painting and poetry in particular. Only rarely has he had poems published and his paintings are usually to be seen online these days, rather than hanging in galleries.

David Francis Barker


What Goes Around

At last I can leave
the window ajar
to sense those languid
sounds of the street

like life itself returning
from some distant place
a world woken up
by a warm gentle kiss

Promise too in the bee's
tender tap on my window
busy on beatnik rounds –
I am wishing him luck

on a maverick wind
in the cool melodious rain