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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Pazqal Eriq Umehea is an artist, Content manager & plant dad, birthed in the northern part of Nigeria.

When he isn't writing, He can be caught spending quality time with his favorite people or alone journaling in nature.

His works explore ideas about self, death, love, religion and mental illnesses. His pieces can be found in print and online on Down River Road, Ake Review "19, Pencilmark|Scribble Mag & many more.

Pazqal Eriq

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To Love Is To Prepare For Mourning

Remember the night under the pouring rain,
I had appeared at your front door, teeth chatting from the cold,
Speaking through them "All our bodies will be left here tonight."
It is how I see you,
A cup I must keep filling even with the fear of running out soon,
Holding neither the string we dangle on nor the shakey hands holdin' us up,
All are mine, a pact to an end that could never involve us both.
I did try to see you differently, I swear it,
But what to do with so little given?
A different light, a new impression, everything and anything,
All futile as an intervention,
Because some nights are written in stone,
And sometimes that stone is your heart,
That I never stopped trying to make beat for me.
Tonight there will be mourning where I sit with you,
Listening to your favourite music on TV.