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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Kumarika Roy studies English Literature at Presidency University, Kolkata. Her research interests include Posthumanism, Psychoanalytic Studies and Partition Literature. She is actively engaged in creative writing and translation studies. Her poems and stories have been published in several journals nationwide. Her stories and literary reviews have also been published in the Delhi based newspaper - The Hindu. Her short story 'Unfortunately Fortunate' has been published by MuseIndia. Her poems have been included in the book Bhasha Sahitya Sandarbh in July 2023. Her poems carry themes that ranges from devotion, love, contemporary gender politics, nature, betrayal to prostitution.

Kumarika Roy

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Milky Melody

In the realm of tradition, the milkman's duty stretches beyond,
Mere bottles and an early amble through the quiet streets.
He morphs into a storyteller, a silent sage of dawn,
Whispering tales, flipping life's pages with each step.

Every delivery spins a thread of neighborhood lore,
Woven from the heart, spilling secrets from his head.
The custodian of sleepy town's clandestine whispers,
Sometimes adorned with a knowing crown, a beacon of knowledge.

More than a mere supplier, he's a memory keeper,
A trusted deceiver in the quiet hum of dawn.
Carrying the weight of stories that embellish his mornings,
Painting the quiet hours with the colors of shared narratives.

Amidst the clinking of glass and tin, his presence lingers,
The milkman, an unsung kin, a cherished companion.
A guide of mornings, a friend, a humble chronicler,
Enveloping the community's pride within his simple stride.