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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Jill Jones' most recent book Acrobat Music: New & Selected Poems. Her work has appeared in Arc, Blackbox Manifold, Jacket2, The Manchester Review, Meanjin, Poetry, Poetry Review, Shearsman, Softblow, The Stinging Fly, takahē, Two Thirds North, and other periodicals in Australia, Canada, Ireland, NZ, Sweden, Singapore, UK, and USA.

Jill Jones

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Lessons in Blue

blue is in my fingertips as they grow cold remembering
blue is every song from yesterday, and tomorrow's humming sound

blue was once an ocean
blue is the smell of drowning

blue is written in a series of crosses
blue was a once a prayer, an almost silent overcast sound

blue decays into days of spore and mildew
blue has begun singing its last song

blue is no longer asking forgiveness
blue flows backwards

blue dissolves into the grey horizon
blue is on my tongue as the glass empties