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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Talicha J.

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If Reaper by Sia Played on the Pink and Blue Radio During
Our Picnic in the Park in 1996

don't come for me today, I'm feelin good, I'mma savor it.

I probably wouldn't have even noticed-the grit
of it, the hunger, the will.

But I wonder if you would.

If the scratch of her voice might remind you
of the incessant scrape of chatter in your head?

It made your mind scarier than the tallest monkey bar dome.

I bet the song would slide its way into your bones.
I'd watch from the rusted swings as you'd sway your hips


Paper cups pulled from a whisper thin grocery bag, you'd pour
Sia a drink of Red Pop or Vernors Ginger ale. Cheers

for the woman who sang everything you needed to say
in 1973 when you slit your wrist and survived;

you came to take me away, so close I was to heaven's gates, but no baby, no baby, not today.