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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Rose Mary Boehm is a German-born British national living and writing in Lima, Peru, and author of two novels as well as seven poetry collections. Her poetry has been published widely in mostly US poetry reviews (online and print). She was twice nominated for a Pushcart. Her latest: Do Oceans Have Underwater Borders? (Kelsay Books July 2022), Whistling In The Dark (Cyberwit July 2022), and Saudade (December 2022) are available on Amazon.

Rose Mary Boehm

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Do Sea-Monkeys Have an Expiration Date?

I couldn't read the poem you wrote
just for me but I remembered
the voice. It said, Dance me a rumba,
woman. And then I remembered
the night of the gypsies.
Whirl, stamp. On the Spanish
beach, that hot night, the old man
without teeth singing canto hondo.
In the depth I saw what moved
us. Under the swaying algae
I lost my roots and floated
on the voices
of my lovers.