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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Many years ago, Matt Thomas read in poetry slams in cocktail bars in Seattle, and published poems in little known zines now lost to the mists of time. These days, he reads and writes in Plymouth, UK. His first collection, 'What I Thought About While I Watched You Shorten the Handles of Two Canvas Shopping Bags Thereby Making Them Easier to Carry' was published by Shoals of Starlings Press in 2021. Matt runs Royal Adelaide Art & Yoga with his partner Nic, a Yoga teacher and dedicated collagist. He is resolutely left-handed.

Matt Thomas

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Tea and Toast

The tide came in while
you stood at the kitchen
table stirring your tea,
staring at the piece
of toast in your hand.

as the water lapped
at your feet, ankles,
knees, you tried
to weigh your heart
against all it carries.