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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Linda Conroy

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Ode to the Ocean

(a Ghazal)

Wanting inspiration, I'm walking in the water
knowing ripples bring new sightings by the sea.

Striding, stretching, loping on a storm-filled shore
I find treasure, blown and strewn, reuniting by the sea.

In the mystery of what might appear, I find that
random clutter can become exciting by the sea.

Sodden logs, torn tattered rope, so many shells,
gulls' feathers fly in a wind still biting by the sea.

Soon clouds shuffle, thin and spread, show blue
through rents. The sky is lightening by the sea.

I lose my driven self, my urge to seek exhilaration,
as contentment soaks ideas still jousting, by the sea.

I wander where the seaweed straggles, outlining curves
and follow with a toe, my name, in writing by the sea.