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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Television producer-director Colin Bell's debut poetry collection Remembering Blue was published in 2019 by Ward Wood Publishing. His second poetry collection, Brief Encounters - 100 Fibs, featuring the poems first published in The Fib Review, is scheduled to be published by Ward Wood Publishing. His two published novels are Stephen Dearsley's Summer of Love (Ward Wood Publishing, 2013) long-listed for the Polari Prize 2014. Blue Notes, Still Frames, (Ward Wood Publishing, 2016). His third novel, Over the Hills is a Long Way Off, will also be published by Ward Wood. A fourth novel is now in its final draft. His poetry has been published by Acumen, Cinnamon Press, Frogmore Press, Shot Glass Journal, Soaring Penguin Press, The Fib Review, and a number of anthologies in the US and UK. Several of his fibs have been set to music as the song cycle, Fibonacci Poems (2017) for tenor voice and piano by American composer Tim Risher. In 2020 he was made Musepie Press' Featured International Poet and his Fibonacci poetry has been twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Colin Bell

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The Art...

of painting lipson a clown
streakingfor laughs

of spyingat tablesipping pigeon-blood red
living under a sheetbreath controlledcamouflaged
vanishing tracelessmasterly disguises

of projecting wordsin pupil dilations
almost-smileseyebrows arched
semaphore dialogues found in translation

we are flying sky-highswallows on airstreams
embracingin tandem