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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Chay Ardiente, a senior under the University of the Philippines Los Baňos' BA Communication Arts undergraduate program, is a lover of all things related to creative expression and thrives best in environments that encourage the process of exploration.

Chay Ardiente

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(found poem)

Pay closer attention to the divisive conversations,
and the quarrels,
For it's not in a kiss nor a ravishing character,
but in the parallels,
the places eroded of all but you,
that great emotion is present.

Words taken from: "Parallel Public Spheres: Influence Operations in the 2022 Philippine Elections." Media Manipulation Casebook,

"Fake News?! 12 Sikreto Tungkol Sa 'Pilipinas Kong Mahal with All the Overcoat', Ibinulgar!" Kalyo Sa Kanang Palasinsingan, 17 July 2017, rcoat-ibinulgar/comment-page-1/.

By: The Poetry Center and John Timpane and Updated: 03-26-2016 From The Book: Poetry For Dummies, "Writing Poetry." Dummies,