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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Carolyn Gerrish is a Sydney poet. Her work has been published widely in Australia and overseas. She has worked as a creative writing teacher in the community. She enjoys performing her work. Her latest, (sixth) collection 'Collision with the Shadow' was published last year by Ginninderra Press.

Carolyn Gerrish

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Above It All

if you can drown in the idea of flight
know that certainty is a fickle concept
engage  instead  with whimsy & the sheer relief
of not having to frown over sudoku   koans  or
syllogisms   just the shrieking delight  of the
slippery slide   thrilling vertigo of the swings
the possibility  pot plants could be high-flyers
over the bowling green   perhaps the woman
jogging on the oval  might have gnomes
stirring beneath her mushroom hat   but regrettably
the morning dirigible  is now absent   but you
can still soar   not walk  to the paradise gardens
some say  Robert Schumann  always lived in
his imagination   such a sustained swoon   could
lurch towards catastrophe   for now  just fly
hence away  all Is well