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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare

Adele Evershed

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He sees you—a pretty thing tied with ribbons in the typing pool,
and dictates to you in poetry.......
It is that capital letter-feeling of LOVE!
It makes your 'qwerty' heart beat-a hundred words per minute.
His well-practiced spiel spools out—unhappy; lonely; misunderstood:
(short hand for, "Sleep with me")
Maybe he tries to persuade you that he is bbbbroken & only you can
fix him!
Or perhaps he tells you his marriage is just a typo!
But his words have shuttled—back and forth—before.
Your inky fingers might smudge his work-shirts,
but he will always return home to be washed and starched.
So you will be let go.
A princess released from her spell—
with no references to remind you
(& sadly the only weight the hash-tag had then was its meaning).