shot glass
Issue # 4 May 2011
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


I have developed a love of Haiku, Tanka, Fibonacci and other forms of short poetry. The challenge of saying as much as possible, in as few words as possible, is an exercise I enjoy. My poetry has been published on-line and in hard copy in: Kokako, The Fine Line (N.Z. Poetry Society Magazine) The Fib Review, Shot Glass Journal, Valley Micropress and Lucidity Poetry Magazine (USA).
I work constantly at improving my skills in various writing mediums. My first love is poetry.

Deryn Pittar

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The Glass Blower

Fluid glass slows,
shape pauses and sets,
hand drifts over hand,
rod rolls on an iron slide.

Nestling in searing coals
between the fire's twin breasts,
its heart melting once more
the vessel expands its breathe,
growing in self importance and beauty
until –
the glass-blowers inattention
destroys a dream.

Reduced to a lump of silica
it joins others in a bucket of bits
waiting for rebirth,
– waiting for another chance.