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"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Tim Dwyer's poetry appears regularly in Irish and UK journals, including Cyphers, Crannog, The High Window, London Grip and Orbis, and previously in Shot Glass Journal. His chapbook is Smithy Of Our Longings (Lapwing). Originally from Brooklyn, he now lives in Bangor, Northern Ireland.

Tim Dwyer

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A jackdaw sidles up
to the bench by the shore
where I have morning coffee
and a chelsea bun.
My favourite bench.
Now, it perches upon the fence,
disheveled, off-colour, a corvid
who's been through many campaigns.

Jackdaw, do wing feathers of old birds
turn grey?

Three hundred yards from us,
beyond the bay,
a schooner from centuries ago
has just set sail.