shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Tony Kitt lives in Dublin, Ireland. His poems appear in multiple magazines and anthologies. His chapbook, "The Magic Phlute", was published by SurVision books in 2019. His collection entitled "Endurable Infinity" is due from Pittsburgh University Press, in the Pitt series, later this year. He edited the anthology of Ukrainian poetry about the war in English translation entitled "Invasion" (SurVision Books, 2022). In 2003, he won the Maria Edgeworth Poetry Prize.

Tony Kitt


Not Supposed to See It

Endless, reality approaches me
the way Thanatos comes for a mortal:
not in person.

I glimpse a pelvis turning into pulvis;
I perceive a mind as a body part.
The ecstasy of annihilation...

The future is already here.
We blink the dead pulse of today's
news. We swim the bloodstream shanty.

The three Moirai wearing ragged flags
dance an earthquake.
They chant in unison:

You were born too early.
We'll hold your eyelids down.