shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Sharon Lopez Mooney, poet, is retired Interfaith Chaplain from the End of Life field, living in Mexico. Mooney was given a California Arts Council Grant to establish a rural poetry series; she also co-published a regional anthology; co-owned an alternative literature service; produced poetry readings, and has facilitated poetry feedback workshops. Mooney's poems are in numerous publications like: "The Blotter, The Avalon, Galway Review, Adelaide International, Ginosko, NewVerse News, Glassworks, Roundtable Literary Journal, Tipton Literary Journal", as well as anthologies: "CALYX; Cold Lake; Strong Words; Smoke & Myrrors" (UK), and others nationally and internationally. More poems are at:

Sharon Lopez Mooney


love poem in a marriage #1

love looks thru my eyes
at you laughing
into the world that would
knock us on our ass if it could
we stand close holding off
its charges with crimson scarves
and orange socks