shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


V.S. Rakenduvadhana is an Indian writer, poet, visual artist, and filmmaker based in Helsinki. Her diurnal energies are also devoted to her work as a neuroscientist. She has had a lifelong nocturnal affair with philosophy, music, and art in its many forms. Her works are now published/emerging in various literary magazines including The Vital Sparks, In Parentheses, Camas, Rigorous, Landlocked Magazine and decomp; while she works on her first novella. Website:

V.S Rakenduvadhana

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Another cinereal mirror

And all the unease chiselled into our words, silences, and kisses,
How the evening rains froth into these voids and break into our parallel paths;
Thank God for the man who took off his hat when I walked past him today—
His silvering hair reminded me of my poesy that has seeped into this innominate numbness.