shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Anton Floyd born in Cairo, Egypt, a Levantine mix of Irish, Maltese, English and French Lebanese, now lives in West Cork, Ireland. Widely published in Ireland and overseas. A debut collection, Falling into Place (Revival Press), was published in 2018 with Depositions forthcoming in June 2022 from Doire Press.

Anton Floyd

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From the Eye of the Storm

A triptych i.m. Ondra Lysohorsky
for Seosamh Watson and Vivien Hick


Where are your garlanded sisters
decked in pink blossoms?
the mountain springs gushing silver?
Once it was just cattle and pigs
the tracks lead from station to abattoir.
On graves the sun only squanders its light.
Before when your eyes opened you wished
for us the infinite blue of summer skies,
the scent of mountain pines.
Then a chill wind came to us
sealed our fate with numb fingers.
One morning you found only hunger,
villagers standing round like stone boulders
like a birch-encircled pond in a silent trance.