shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Daniel Schulz is a U.S.-German writer and researcher known for his short story collection Schrei (Formidabel 2016), his work as curator of the Kathy Acker Reading Room at the University of Cologne, and as editor of the book Kathy Acker in Seattle (Misfit Lit 2020), a book on the exhibition by the same name that he curated for the Goethe Institute 2019. His work has appeared in journals such as EbR, Mirage 5, Gender Forum, Fragmented Voices, Versification, Café Irreal, L'absurde, Cacti Fur, Mono X, and The Wild Word, as well as in the anthologies Tin Soldier (Sarturia 2020), Corona-Schnee (Salon29 2021), Jahrbuch Lyrik (AG Literatur 2021), and Heart/h (Fragmented Voices 2021). IG: @DanielSchulzPoet

Daniel Schulz

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Review Mirror

Sitting still in a room,
mortar crumbling from the walls.
The ticking of a clock.
The silence of the stones.
Your feelings forming cracks
in the expression of your face.
You can hear
the makeup peeling off
A clown
you feel like that
Recognition is a beat down dog.