shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Jessamine O'Connor has lived in a train station in the rural west of Ireland since the last millennium. Her debut collection 'Silver Spoon' was published by Salmon Poetry recently and she is an editor with Drunk Muse Press. She has just completed a degree in Writing and Literature at IT Sligo and is writing a novel.

Jessamine O'Connor

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You still live in me.
The three of you are why there is
this huge and tangled cord inside, a telephone wire
that tells me how you are when you're away
now that away is the usual place

When you were new it was obvious
we were part of each other, after all
your body had just been made in my body, out of it
and out through it. Curled up feeding we made a living cave
of our blood and tissue, bone and sinew

Indivisible. So now, we're separate
but on discovering that part of you
may have stayed behind in me, a lineage of cells
it's no surprise but still, it feels like something's been proven
which we knew all along