shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Susan Howard is a poet and playwright, living in Matakana. Her poetry reflects her macro and micro view of the world. She has been published in New Zealand in Takahē Magazine, Poetry in a Mirror, a fine line, overseas in The Blue Nib, Shot Glass Journal, and Not Very Quiet.

Susan Howard

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Conversations With a Granddaughter

I have learnt that it takes time to make friends
when you first start school. I sometimes observe

the other girls. They call me the watcher behind
my back. In the mean-time the boys are my friends,

and I don't put my foot out to trip people up.
I like to listen to the Taniwha in the ground.

The chickens come up to the fence to say hello.
And what did you learn while you were young

while I take my bath and make the water wheel
turn? I learnt that girls are friends in different

ways from boys, but they don't like girls that are
friends with the boys. I once leant over to place

my lips on the cheek of the boy sitting beside me,
and the teacher told me off for not ruling off my

work. I met her years later. We were polite to each
other, but I could see that she remembered.