shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Shannon has been previously published in The Fib Review, True Chili and in Shot Glass Journal for which she has been both a Pushcart and a Best of Net nominee.

Shannon lives in central Canada where she is influenced by nature and the insistent seasons. Besides writing she is also a photographer and creates art. Look for a blog in her near future.

Shannon Joy Wazny

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The Dust I Breathe

time goes slow here
arterial road
the dust I breathe
flies from repaired tires on cars with mufflers that strive to sing
a cacophony of pubescent bluster
license plate bingo, slow but easy

they come down the road, not often now,
a dot of colour with a plume
of dust trailing like clouds chasing dreams long past expired
you travel through this way if you don't have anywhere important to be
you don't stay if anyone is waiting for you somewhere else
unless you want them to wait
or disappear

I sit here, finger-scribing my signature in the grit
on the glass tabletop
silence is golden