shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Frances Koziar has published 60+ pieces of prose and poetry, and is seeking an agent for a diverse NA fantasy novel. Her poetry has appeared in 25+ literary magazines including Acta Victoriana, Wintermute, and previously in Shot Glass Journal. She is a young (disabled) retiree and a social justice advocate, and she lives in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Author website:

Frances Koziar

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The World Has No Interest in Great Love Stories
or it would have stopped when you died, exhaled
for one moment of stillness, listened
as I spoke your name to a thousand skies, reflected
on how love can ravage the plains
of a life like a forest fire, how ash left behind
can powder your skin like your beloved's remains
blown back in your face, but instead
it didn't so much as flicker; maybe
the world hasn't found someone yet, maybe
it's still waiting lonely, each of its days
the same.