shot glass
"... brevity is the soul of wit ..."
- William Shakespeare


Anthony tries not to write but he just can't help himself. He writes to get rid of himself and lay his thoughts to rest. He derives most of his inspiration from listening to Classical Music and Jazz since it is often the mood which invokes him. He has recently been published in Streetcake, Mad Swirl, Flash Fiction North and The Cabinet of Heed.

Anthony Ward

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Weak Daze

She preferred music in the minor scale.
The somber timbre of the piano or scathing violin.
The tonic of mid-afternoon melancholic.
Where she shambled after herself around the house,
Glass in hand,
Watching the world wane out the window.
Settling for the mirrors least resistance.
She couldn't be sure if it were Wednesday,
But she knew it was a week ago.